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What is cctop?

cctop is the powerful B2B platform for all forms of eCommerce communications.

This service is designed first and foremost – but not exclusively – for small and mid-sized companies (SMEs) from the fields of production and service provision who have been requested by their customers to record electronic data exchange.

cctop is thus a B2B EDI Portal for suppliers.

Its primary goal is to support open communication processes between business partners.

In this way, we smooth the path towards coupling the heterogeneous forms of data communication used by SMEs with the traditional EDI processes of their business partners.

What sector a company is active in and what format its messages or documents are exchanged in is not in the foreground here. The only important thing is that business processes are automated to the fullest possible extent and that both partners profit in the same amount.

We understand cctop as an “outsourcing service”.

As a service provider, we don’t just know what service means, we live it every day. As a cctop participant, you are thus our customer, not a “candidate to be connected”.

It of course goes without saying that your data will be collected securely by us.

Use the range of services from cctop: data clearing and WebEDI at a flatrate tariff.