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What is clearing?

cctop is a service for the electronic exchange of business data.

This service was conceived for business partners' electronic interchange of regularly business documents such as orders, despatch advices, invoices etc.

cctop represents data clearing: a central communications platform acts as a data turntable which receives data, converts it into any target format (if necessary) and passes it on to the dedicated recipient. Transfer of data itself can take place via any communication network (i.e. X.400, Internet Mail, FTP etc.).

Data can be made available to cctop in nearly any format (proprietary Inhouse formats, SAP Idoc, EDIFACT, XML, VDA, SEDAS etc.). cctop converts these formats into the data structure expected by the receiving partner.

Those users whose applications don't have an interface for data export can use cctop as a tool for Web-EDI, capturing data manually using turnaround-solutions so that data only has to be captured once.

Those users whose applications don't have an interface for data import will also get their business documents via cctop, either displayed via Browser in XML format or delivered as a Spool file for print in order to be able to further process their documents in conventional manner.