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What is EDI?

The contraction EDI is the abbreviation of Electronic Data Interchange. By this, one understands the exchange of structured business data using standardized formats from application to application by use of public or private networks.

Until now, to use EDI with business partners, a company had to invest in EDI software and network access. An EDI software is responsible for the conversion of data from any Inhouse format to a standardized EDI format (i.e. EDIFACT, which is for electronic data interchange for administration, commerce and transport and is an international standard for most industries) and vice versa. The data converted in this way is afterways sent to the business partner using a network access.

Now you have the possibility to operate EDI without having to invest in software and network access yourself. Using our cctop service and an actual browser will do - EDI knowledge and large investments are no longer needed to be EDI-capable for your business partners. Login in our test account and try yourself - you'll see how simple it is.